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Medical Services in Port Hueneme, California

Making sure your medical facility is well run and managed makes a huge difference in the quality of care, and of course revenue. Our company provides medical cost containment and medical management services that you simply cannot afford to do without.


When you need to increase your office or professional medical staff, make sure to turn to us. We offer professional and affordable staffing services for medical and insurance agencies.

A Company History

Maintaining a high level of service is the ultimate mission for AmerCare Group Inc. Our reputation for offering comprehensive services for our medical and insurance clients is something you can count on.

Medical Staff - Case Management, Medical Management in Port Hueneme, CA

Contact us in Port Hueneme, California, to speak with us about our medical case management and cost containment services.

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About Us

AmerCare Group Inc. in Port Hueneme, California, is a medical management and professional staffing agency providing cost containment solutions and efficient case management systems. Our more than 28 years of experience places us at the forefront of the medical support industry.

Offering nationwide services, our company is able to maintain a commitment to personal service by applying the same strategies we offer to our clients. Integrity and honesty are core values and help drive our employees and operations. Excellence is something we provide and confidence is something that we instill. You can count on us to provide you with the service and solutions you are looking for.